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Star Wars X-Wing

Tuesdays at 7 pm Star Wars X-Wing is a miniatures game featuring prepainted ships from the Star Wars universe. Players put squads together and maneuver their ships to fire on the enemy squad. Tuesday nights are free to play, and Midgard Gaming hosts quarterly tournaments for prizes.


Every 2nd Tuesday @ 6:30 pm (see calendar for dates) KeyForge is a 1v1 unique deck game. This means, when you purchase a deck, it will be completely unique and cannot be edited or changed. It’s up to you to master your decks. $5

Final Fantasy

Sundays @ 2:00 pm Final Fantasy TCG is a 1v1 constructed deck game. Each week alternates between casual get together or entry fee tournament with prizes.

Smash Ultimate

Mondays @ 7 pm Super Smash Bros. has evolved over the years. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate for the Nintendo Switch is now Newfoundland’s premium fighting game. Monday nights you’ll find dozens of players competing in Midgard Gaming’s double elimination tournament.  Twice annually, Midgard Gaming also hosts the Smash Cup. Patterned after the World Cup of…
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Wednesdays @ 7 pm Sundays @ 12:30 pm Yu-Gi-Oh! is a 1v1 duelling trading card game. Players use their own constructed decks. Wednesday nights are known as “Non-Meta” nights which encourages players to choose fun, quirky decks. The community of players is very welcoming and helpful to new players.  Midgard Gaming hosts a Yu-Gi-Oh! invitational…
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We sell single Pokémon boosters, Special Edition Sets and a selection of Pokémon singles. We run regular events every week for the following formats: Competitive Pokémon (Thursday at 7pm) Casual Pokémon League (Saturday at 1pm) The Competive Pokeman event on Thursdays is a sanctioned event. We do run a tournament during the Casual Pokémon League…
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Magic: The Gathering

Magic: The Gathering at Midgard Gaming Magic: the Gathering (MtG) is a trading card game that has been played for over 25 years. During that time, a variety of ways to play have developed to suit playstyles, personalities and budgets. Players become powerful Planeswalkers, slinging spells and summoning creatures in a duel with other wizards…
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