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Category: Magic: the Gathering

Prerelease Sealed

Prerelease are always scheduled the weekend before a new Standard legal set is released. In these events, a kit with 6 booster packs and a spindown life counter is provided. Players open the 6 packs and build a 40 card deck, adding as many basic lands as they need. Then players compete in 3 rounds.

Play It Forward

Play It Forward is Midgard Gaming’s new Magic: the Gathering player program. Experienced players will donate cards they don’t need to the store so that we can make starter decks for new players. When someone is interested in Magic, the store provides them with a deck and a box of cards free of charge to…
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Friday Night Magic

Standard @ 6 pm, $5 Modern @ 6 pm, $5 Draft @ 8 pm, $20 Friday Night Magic (or FNM) is the cornerstone of our organized Magic: the Gathering programs. FNM at Midgard Gaming features our top three Magic formats: Standard, Modern and Draft. Promo cards are given out at random, and for each formats…
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Thursdays @ 6:30 pm Modern is Midgard Gaming’s most attended Magic: the Gathering format. It uses card from the 8th Edition of Magic through to today’s newest set release. It is a constructed format requiring a 60 deck and 15 card sideboard. $5


Standard Showdown: Wednesdays @ 6:30 pm Standard is a constructed, rotating format. This means cards from only the most recent sets are used in deck construction. (For information on what is legal to play in the Standard format visit: whatsinstandard.com) Players must bring their own 60 deck with a 15 card sideboard.  Cost: $10 Prizes:…
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Tuesdays @ 6:30 pm Commander is a casual 4 player free-for-all format. It has a number of extra deck construction rules and some unique game rules such as Commander damage. This is a constructed format (player’s need to have their deck built already to enter). Your entry fee is put toward prizes that are randomly…
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Legacy Legacy is a constructed 1v1 format. Players bring their previously constructed 60 card deck along with a 15 card sideboard. This is the “oldest” format we host. Cards from all over Magic’s history are used.


Fridays @ 8 pm Sundays @ 1 pm No need to bring a deck with you. Simply show up and play! Each player will be seated in a draft pod where they will be given 3 booster packs of cards. Players open the packs together, picking a card and passing the rest. The chosen cards…
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