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Star Wars Games

Midgard Gaming carries a variety of games featuring the Star Wars Universe. X-Wing uses a squad of prepainted ships. Legion starts with unpainted minis and uses fully customizable, realistic battlefield situations. Imperial Assault features squad based, tactical play using prepainted figures on a grid map.

Midgard Apparel

Want to share your love on the store? Midgard Gaming has you covered. T-Shirts and Hoodies are available in a variety of sizes. Show everyone that you’ve made The Best Play!



Midgard Gaming offers a wide variety of miniatures from Heroclix to Dungeons & Dragons. Get started on your collection today!

Board Games

There are a ton of great games out in the world. Midgard Gaming carries the best of Euro style, push your luck, deckbuilding, strategy, family and mature games. No matter the occasion, you’ll find something for your next big gathering or just for a quiet night at home.

Trading Card Games

Trading Card Games (TCG) are the backbone of Midgard Gaming. They include: Magic: the Gathering Yu-Gi-Oh! Pokemon KeyForge A Game of Thrones Netrunner Transformers TCG Dragon Ball Super Final Fantasy and more!

Gaming Accessories

From board games to TCG’s, Midgard Gaming carries a wide variety of accessories to outfit everyone at the table.

Dungeons & Dragons

At its core, Dungeons & Dragons is storytelling… with rules. Midgard Gaming has everything you need to tell your stories. Books,  manuals, cards, prepainted and unpainted minifigures, battlemats and more!