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Magic: The Gathering Midgard is an Advanced store in the Wizards of the Coast Play Network (WPN)....

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Play in the League of Legends Ladder at Midgard Gaming to earn your place as the local LoL Champio...

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Hours & Rates

We are opened every day!  Except for some Holidays!

Mon-Thurs- Noon-11pm

Friday-  Noon-12am ,

Sat-  Noon- 12am   

Sun- Noon-8pm

All computer game play at Midgard Gaming is priced on the hours that you play. Purchased game time will never expire. So if you purchase 4 hours today,  and play for just 1 hour and 18 minutes, then the next time you come in to Midgard Gaming you will still have 2 hours and 42 minutes of game time on your account. Special passes, when available, do not carry forward and cannot be combined with other offers.

 Rates: Cost
One Hour: $3.99
Two Hours: $6.00
Afternoon Pass (Noon-6 PM) $10.00
Evening pass (6 PM-12AM) $10.00
Hours & Rates